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I think this is an important post to make before I leave the country for California as I understand there are a number of people with different levels of interest.

To be a Mason you have to ask a Mason to join, you will not be approached or selected (2B1ASK1). The general purpose of the Craft is “To Make Good Men Better.” You have 6 weeks approx before I leave if you are one of these people, don’t be intimidated, I understand that it can seem intimidating but we are all just well dressed teddy bears! Be prepared to wait for a year or 2 for initiation due to backlog, also if we don’t contact you remember there are other things on our minds and its up to you to keep in touch. Feel free to ask for a tour, we are open to the public and are in no-way a “secret society” no-matter what you hear, our secrets are merely handshakes signs and words, nothing more. I say this as someone who holds the top degree in the Masonic fraternity, although I am not affiliated to any other chapters.

All faiths, creeds, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual preferences or whatever other social norm you could divide yourself into are welcomed, we do not speak about politics and religion within the fraternity, nor do we have a set of beliefs or a creed. I know of brothers from almost every demographic imaginable.

In Ireland only men are accepted, this is different around the globe and is probably a result of demand in this country. I would be willing to speculate that if hundreds of women turned up at the door demanding a female lodge things would probably change quite quickly!

What do we do?
We are a bunch of men who enjoy the Geeky rituals (Just old plays really) and like charity. Long story short is we are a charitable organisation that has been around hundreds of years but we don’t like to publicise how charitable we can be.

There are 3 pre-requisites that every person must meet in order to be initiated.
1) Belief in some higher power or supreme being (ANY)
2) Of good standing in society
3) Of full Masonic age (21 in Ireland, can differ in different countries)

[Any Brothers who feel I may have not provided 100% accurate information please feel free to suggest an edit]