About Benjamin

Benjamin is an entrepreneur, investor and management consultant with a significant interest in technology, social/environmental ventures and philanthropy.

A prominent Irish Freemason with a focus on mentorship of new members, he also sits on the Green Committee. The Green Committee is in charge of all the charitable events for the fraternity in Dublin.

Benjamin is a firm believer that there is good in everyone and that love and nurturing of ones abilities can help them flourish into something magnificent. Although he tries to stay humble and attribute his nurturing approach to knowledge he has gained from others, there are often very wise words of wisdom that come out of his mouth, completely unsubstantiated by past experiences.

“Everyone can become something magnificent if you show them their strengths”

Benjamin has had a number of close calls with death. At 24, he is the survivor of 2 skull tumours which greatly affected him, and a heart condition. He attributes his success to the strength he found by overcoming his fears and adversities, along with the support he received from his friends and family. Without them he would have never overcome the physical and mental repercussions that resulted from the illnesses.

Benjamin is also one of the top global sellers of entry level websites and has been recognised for his contributions to the industry. He has made it to the final of a number of entrepreneurial competitions for a variety of business concepts.

Benjamin previously studied medicine and is now a qualified financial trader and is now in the final weeks of his Commerce Degree at University College Dublin, on route for a first class honours.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/benjaminjohnboyle